Mike Warren, 2x08

You care, I get it. But there’s no innocents here. 

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Love to Me by Aaron Tveit


Aaron Tveit sings Love to Me from The Light in the Piazza at Sundance…Sings at Symphony Space on 9/29/14. 

And yes, it is just as swoonworthy as it sounds.

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Poison in My Pocket by Aaron Tveit, Catherine Walker, & Shuler Hensley


Aaron Tveit, Catherine Walker, and Shuler Hensley sing Poison in My Pocket from A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder at Sundance…Sings at Symphony Space on 9/29/14.

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Amanda Seyfried photographed by Malerie Marder for Un-Titled Magazine (2013)

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You should really pay attention. You might learn something.

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“Can women and men be friends? Absolutely. I have tons of women friends whom I have not had sex with nor do I have the impulse to.”


Can women and men be friends? Absolutely. I have tons of women friends whom I have not had sex with nor do I have the impulse to.”

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❝ I don’t know what terrible things you’ve done in your life up to this point, but clearly your karma’s out of balance to get assigned to my class. I’m professor Annalise Keating and this is Criminal Law 100, or as I prefer to call it, How To Get Away With Murder. ❞
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Allison Argent in Frayed (3x05)
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lotr/the hobbit places, 60 years apart

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Orphan Black meets perfectcosima​’s Clones Against Humanity (2/?).

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day 7: free for all and/or katie cassidy appreciation
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